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Yacht Charter

The Yacht Charter solution for joomla was designed to answer the needs of yacht charter companies. It provides extensive features not found in the competition. The Yacht Charter solution includes reservation request management to store all leads requests. As well different request forms for reservation, availability request. All requests are stored in tables accessible through maintenance screens in the administration panel. The Yacht Charter solution is integrated with 10 social networks through APIs and generates high quality yacht PDF flyers, brochures and catalogues.

We select carefully the joomla templates when we integrate our solutions. Only responsive templates are used in order for our turnkey solutions to be accessible from any viewport.

Nowadays, publishing yacht listings on your web site is not enough to reach potential clients. An optimised inbound marketing strategy is needed to reach propects where they are most likely to be.

Furthermore, extended features in terms of RSS Feed and XML feed generation allow your listings to be syndicated to a large array of sites automatically : Vast, Oodle, Olx. As well, an xml feed compliant to the openmarine standard (visit allows you to syndicate your feeds to The Yacht Market, Boats and Outboards, James List, Boatshop24 , Boat 24..... * Some of the sites above require a subscription to publish your listings.

We took great care of integrating our solutions with more than 15 social networks APIs in order to automatically distribute the listings information to your social networks accounts without extra work on your side.
Lead Developer
Lead Developer

Yacht Charter Main Features

Company Management

Possibility to manage multiple companies and multiple offices. A Company can have multiple offices underneath and display in the front end listings by company and by office location.

Agents Management

Each agent is attached to an office an company. Complete contact details are managed at the agent level. In the front end, listings can be displayed by individual agent.

Listings Management

very detailed maintenance screen with all fields from the Openmarine standard plus other fields specific to the brokerage solution. bulk upload for images and images management feature.

Reservation Cycle

All reservation requests go through a predefined cycle : Received, Approved, Contract sent, Waiting for deposit, Full pament received. It allows to have a clear view of the current reservations and availabilities.

Owners Management

Each listing includes a maintenance to enter contacts of the owners. Comments fields and notes allow the agents and managers to get in touch quickly with the owners.

Reservation Management

Reservations received through the requests forms are maintained. As well, other received from phone calls, email can be entered and maintained too.

PDF Generation

High quality PDF brochures, flyers and catalogues can be generated manually through a maintenance screen or automatically through a cronjob schedule.

Feeds Builder

the application includes a feed builder management area. You can create RSS and XML feeds. It includes already preloaded feeds for Openmarine, Vast, Oodle, OLX.

Requests Management

The solution includes preloaded forms: yacht information, financing, insurance, storage, survey, transport. All requests are saved in a table as a backup. email notifications are sent to the agent and additional persons set in the parameters.

We create a strong link between your brand and your audience

Social Networks Updates Features

  • APIs Integration
  • Social Networks Posting Scheduler
  • Cronjob for automated postings

APIs Integration

01 Facebook - listing updates posting to timeline. Listings images upload to albums.

02 Twitter - listing updates posting to timeline.

03 Flickr, Picasa - listings images uploaded to albums.

04 Youtube - videos linked.

05 Scribd, Issuu, Slideshare - PDF brochures uploaded.

Social Networks Posting Scheduler

01 All our solutions include a social networks posting scheduler.

02 It gives the possibility to post manually updates using the APIs integrations. A maintenance screen allows to process the scheduled listings.

03 The maintenance screen allows to filter the updates to be posted by social network.

04 A bulk posting feature gives the possibility to post several updates at a time.

05 An history and error reporting maintenance screen logs all postings and alrt you if any problem occurs with the API while posting.

Cronjob for automated postings

01 All our solutions include a cronjob builder maintenance screen.

02 The cronjob builder will create the cronjob line to add to cPanel or the crontab.

03 Each social network posting task has a separate cronjob in order to schedule at different times the automated posting or upload.

04 The cronjob builder allows to schedule all automated tasks in order to run the social networks updates in autopilot.

05 An error reporting maintenance screen will track potential errors occuring duri ng the postings.



Latitude 26 develops custom professional grade solutions using CMS like Joomla and magento commerce for shopping cart solutions. We specialize in developing vertical markets solutions for the Real Estate and the Yachting Industry.


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